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Littmann Stethoscopes – A Review

Littmann stethoscopes are named for their inventor, Dr. David Littman, cardiologist and professor at Harvard Medical School. Littmann's contribution to the world of stethoscopes is widely accepted as the biggest advancement in these instruments since the first doctor pressed his ear against a patient's chest. His improvement involved creating a stethoscope with two chest pieces. One that is … [Read more...]

Buying A Stethoscope

Stethoscopes are very convenient pieces of equipment that allows medical practitioners to be able to hear the different sounds emitted by the different organs of the body. Although it is made mostly to hear heart beats, it can also be used to listen to the lungs and intestines to be able to tell that something is wrong with that particular organ. The most common type of this device that is sold … [Read more...]

Find The Best Stethoscopes

There are so many different stethoscopes available that are considered the best. But, this is really up to you, your needs, and your style. Without these needed to be figured out schemes, there really is no way of figuring out who the best is. Instead, you will need to take facts, customizations, and prices into account. Only once you do this will you find the best stethoscopes. First, what you … [Read more...]

The Cardiology Stethoscope Guide

There are so many different stethoscopes to choose from. There is however only a few models that gives different purposes to the stethoscopes meaning. One of these is known as cardiology stethoscope. This useful tool is very useful when looking at the cardiovascular system. Most cardiology stethoscopes can hear both low frequency and high frequency sounds coming from within the body. This comes … [Read more...]

A Summary Of 3M Stethoscopes

Doctor David Littman, a renowned heart doctor, creator, and Harvard Medical School professor, greatly improved the the stethoscope of stethoscopes in 1963. The man believed it was important to have access to a stethoscope with two bells, an open one to listen to lower pitch sounds and a closed, flat chestpiece to listen to higher pitched sounds. Dr Littmanns' ideas enabled physicians to get better … [Read more...]