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Yamax Pedometers – Setting the Standard

Yamax, a division of the Japanese company Yamasa Tokei Keiki, is best known for its Yamax Digiwalker pedometer. Though not as popular as the best selling Omron or Sportline models, Yamax pedometers are very highly regarded. One reason is that they are perceived to be exceptionally accurate. Some experts refer to the Digiwalker pedometer engine as the "Gold Standard" of pedometers, and in tests … [Read more...]

The Best Pedometers For Sale

The world these days is fitness crazy and that's a good thing! More than ever before, people are being more conscious of their health and are smoking less, heading for the gym and going for long walks to keep their body moving. However there is one big problem with exercise and this problem has been with us every since man first stepped on this planet.....exercise is boring! Well for most … [Read more...]

Using Pedometers and Step Counters

Pedometers are a great way to keep a record of your walking and are not that expensive. Here is a simple explanation why they are helpful and should be a part of your exercise planning. Most step counters and pedometers are very small and do not get in the way of your activity.The whole concept of the step counter is to let you know how many steps you took that day thru running and walking. … [Read more...]

Pedometers – The Magic Capsule For Better Well Being

If there had been a pill you could consider that could support you get rid of weight, get in far better shape, and stay a more time, more healthy lifestyle, wouldn't you want to know about it? The excellent news is, there is this kind of a tablet, and it doesn't call for a prescription, nor is it accessible over the counter. It's a basic phase counter, or pedometer, and it has powers you would … [Read more...]

Exercising While Using Pedometers

A pedometer, also called a step counter, is a valuable product for counting steps and can help with your exercise program. It counts the steps by detecting the action of your hips. In order to attain an accurate measurement of your steps used, you will want to measure your step span. Step Length: The length from the heel print of one foot to the heel print of the other foot. This is the … [Read more...]