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Omron Pedometer – HJ-112 Versus Omron HJ-113

The debate about the differences between the Omron HJ-112 and the Omron HJ-113 pedometers has been raging on the Internet, but no one seems to have done the research to intelligently resolve what the differences are. The HJ-112 is considered by most consumers to be the best pedometer available today. It is highly rated by Consumer Reports and is the best selling pedometer on Amazon However, … [Read more...]

Common Reasons Why Pedometers Make Errors

Having problems with your pedometer? Well, you are not alone. Before you go back to your store and demand a refund, check this out first. Here are the most common reasons for those malfunctions. 1. Your pedometer is worn in the wrong position. The common pedometers, especially the cheaper ones use a mechanism that is prone to malfunction if used in the incorrect position. Our suggestion: … [Read more...]

Pedometers Assist You in Staying Fit and Healthy

People who jog and go for early morning walks to keep in trim shape can use a digital Pedometer as this way they can keep count of their daily activity needs and also measure their activity level by specific measurements. This way you can become more active when you work up and try to reach your set goals. Keeping fit and following a fitness program is a life long process and investing in a … [Read more...]

Pedometers – Where to to Start

Pedometers are not just for running. The simplest pedometers count steps, so they are ideal for any exercise that involves running or walking. The simplest pedometers are one of the most inexperience pieces of equipment you can buy to enhance your exercise regime. Using a pedometer will allow you to set targets for yourself: how many steps you are going to walk in a set period of time; the … [Read more...]

Pedometers That Are Designed With Innovative Features

The best ways to achieve effective outcomes by using a pedometer are really immense as you can wear it all day long and this way it will help to keep track of your activity level throughout the day as studies show that short periods of exercise also produce these results as a lower exercise period. And this way you certainly don't need to dedicate a set exercise routine when you can gain the … [Read more...]