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About Glucose Monitors

A blood glucose monitoring system such as the Ascensia Breeze is used to help test how much glucose (glycemia) there is in a person's blood. These systems are extremely important for those people who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes as they should actually be testing theirs every day. Normally it is best if they carry out these tests before breakfast. The whole idea of these monitors is to help … [Read more...]

How to Choose a Blood Glucose Meter

Choosing a blood glucose meter can be little tricky and since you are going to use it daily please choose the correct one for your convenience. Size: Try to choose a comfortable meter, most of them are approximately the size of your palm and all are battery powered.Try to select a good case for it so that it can hold additional batteries and your test strips along with it because you never … [Read more...]

Diabetes Supplies Should Always Include a Blood Glucose Monitor

Blood glucose monitoring is highly recommended for anyone suffering with diabetes. Managing diabetes with simple diabetes supplies such as blood glucose monitors is the most important task a diabetic can perform for themselves. This is a simple yet accurate way to test the concentration of glucose in the blood. Glucose is a form of sugar derived from carbohydrate foods. Insulin is a hormone that … [Read more...]

Diabetic’s Best Friend – Blood Glucose Meters

Various tools are used when it comes to the treatment of just about every medical disorder your can name. An easy example would be using a blood pressure cuff as part of the treatment when you have high blood pressure. The most important tool that you can keep close when you are diabetic, however, is the blood glucose monitor. Unless you are fond of visiting the doctor's office several times a … [Read more...]

Blood Glucose Meters And How Do They Work

What are glucose meters? Glucose meters are usually small battery-operated devices, which make it convenient for people to check their glucose levels anywhere. Most work by "reading" a drop of blood the consumer has positioned on a disposable test strip. Glucose meters are used by huge numbers of people with diabetes every day. They have grown to be smaller, faster, and much more accurate over … [Read more...]