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Choosing A Bathroom Scale

If it has been some time since you last looked at buying a set of bathroom scales then you may be in for an interesting surprise! When choosing bathroom scales there didn't used to be so much choice, you only had to decide whether you wanted digital or mechanical. However nowadays there are so many different options which are worth considering. You can even get wireless bathroom scales. You can … [Read more...]

Buying a Bathroom Digital Scale

Buying a new bathroom digital scale may seem like one of those no-brainer shopping decisions. Most folks would not think twice about heading off to the nearest Target or Walmart and quickly picking out something. That is quite understandable. Considering that bathroom digital scales as a product has been around for ages, would it not make sense that any manufacturer should be able to offer … [Read more...]

Bathroom Weight Scales – Which One

These days, you can find bathroom weight scales that come with lots of features and fanciful designs. The good news is that consumers have a lot of choices. On the flip side, we may have to deal with the confusion that comes from having too many choices. Rest assured, despite the advancements in technology and fanciful offerings, the most basic types of bathroom weight scales are still on sale … [Read more...]

EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale

The sleek, attractive design of the EatSmart digital bathroom scale w/extra large backlit 3.5? display and oversize platform is not the only thing going for it. This scale has been receiving rave reviews for its accurate and consistent weight readings. Many customers claim through testing (by holding barbells and such), that this scale consistently produces accurate results when changing … [Read more...]

Bathroom Scales

As people are becoming weight conscious day by day, scales have become an addition to the bathrooms. Bathroom scales that are more accurate are preferred by the health conscious people all over the world. As the markets are flooded with more varieties of bathroom scales, it has become increasingly difficult to choose one. It is believed that the weight of a person varies at different times of the … [Read more...]