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Personal Breathalyzer – Keeping Yourself Safe

Some friends and I went out to eat a local restaurant, and we all had few drinks with dinner. As we left the restaurant, I remembered I had a personal breathalyzer in my glove compartment that I had recently purchased. I ran a check on myself using my personal alcohol detector and realized I was at a 0.10% blood alcohol content (BAC). Not wanting to take any chances, I called for a cab, and on the … [Read more...]

Alcohol Testing Methodology

There are several different methods available for alcohol testing. Alcohol can be tested in the blood, breath, urine and saliva. Blood Alcohol Testing Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is considered to be the standard for measuring the degree to which an individual is impaired by alcohol. For years, studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between the blood alcohol concentration … [Read more...]

Types of Alcohol Detectors

Alcohol addiction has severe harmful effects on physical health, mental health, and on society. Alcohol testing is done at workplaces, institutions, schools, industries, and colleges to prevent alcohol related accidents, crime, and injuries etc. There are a variety of alcohol detectors present in market used by law enforcement officers for effective alcohol detection. Alcohol detectors measure the … [Read more...]