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Watch Your Weight by Using an Accurate Detecto Bathroom Scale

A Detecto bathroom scale is a definite must-have for people who are conscious of their health and for those who want to adopt healthier lifestyles. With the use of this device, a person could easily watch his weight and make sure that he does exceed his or her ideal body weight.

The Detecto Scale Company was established during the 1900s in the heart of New York City. Its founders, The Jacobs Brothers, were involved in the butcher supply business. Their company was acquired by the Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company, which in turn changed the company into the number one provider of advanced weighing scales.

Within a century of its establishment, Detecto was able to further develop their products in order to offer extreme convenience for their valued clients. As they developed their complete line of bathroom scales, more people were amazed with the wide range of weight scales that they were able to offer.

Each Detecto scale is the work of art of every Detecto employee that has poured their hearts and minds into creating accurate and efficient weighing scales. Their perseverance in fulfilling their mission to deliver advanced and innovative bathroom scales instantly made them the top manufacturers of large-capacity scales.

Scales that carry the name of Detecto have left a good impression in the global market. Aside from the accurate measurements that they bring, they also offer advanced ergonomic designs. They were one of the first companies that were able to manufacture scales with wide platforms, easy-to-read dials, and precise LCD displays.

There are two popular types of Detecto bathroom scale – the analog and digital scales. You could easily choose from these types once you have understood their different characteristics and features.

The analog Detecto bathroom scale, also known as the dial bath scale, is available in different sizes and colors. It has a heavy-duty construction and a luxurious white, baked-enamel finish. It also possesses a large dial with easy to read numbers, making it the perfect weighing scale for tall people.

Meanwhile, the digital Detecto bath scale is perfect for you if you hate reading numbers in bath scales with dials. Their 1000-pound capacity and extreme precision makes them perfect for those who want to get the most accurate results from their bathroom scales. Their compact sizes are also ideal for those who travel a lot and those who want to keep track of their body weight wherever and whenever they want to.