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Use A Body Fat Monitor To Calculate Your BMI

It is often said that if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there. What these means is that you need a goal to strive for before you can begin your journey. This applies to many things in life and weight loss in particular. If you don’t know how much weight you have to lose or want to lose then how will you know when you need to stop dieting and losing weight? This is where you can benefit from having a body fat monitor to help you reach your goal. This article will talk about how using a body fat monitor can help you reach your ideal weight and sustain that weight once you’ve gotten there.

What is a body fat monitor and how does it compare to a body fat analyzer or body fat scale?

That is a good question. They can all tell you about your body fat composition and tell you how much of “You” is fat. They can tell you if you are composed, or made up, of 30% body fat meaning you’re overweight and need to lose weight or 7% fat and you’re looking pretty good and you don’t need to make any changes.

How does it work?

If you’re like most people you don’t care how things work just so long as they do actually work. In layman’s terms, a body fat monitor works by sending an electric current through one part of your body and the faster it gets through to the other end the better. You will then get a readout of your body fat percentage. And once we have that, the fun work can begin. Once you know how much of “You” is fat then you can start setting goals from there.

So let’s say you have a 30% body fat composition, what does that mean? That depends on two things, your sex and your age. If you are male and have 30% fat, then you would be considered overweight and you will need to start working on exercises and eating foods that eat away the fat. If you are female then you are actually doing okay and considered healthy and you would not need to start a weight loss and diet routine.

Once you have your composition, you can then set a goal to either gain fat or lose it. Yes, some people actually need to put fat on to be healthy. Hard to believe but it’s true. You will have a clearer picture of where you need to go and what road you need to start walking down.

How much do they cost?

Monitors have become affordable as of late and you can pick them up for as low as $20-$40 on or or even some medical supplies stores. For most home users, you can do with these lower priced models, but if you’re a professional athlete or striving to be one, you will be much better served with the higher end models that offer more detailed information about your fat composition.

Using a body fat monitor, scale, or analyzer can help you find out where you are and help you determine how far you need to go to reach your ideal body shape and makeup. They can provide the key step you need to getting you started down the right road. Let your journey begin.