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The Best 3 Steps to Achieve Correct Cholesterol Levels

healthcare monitors3 simple steps can give you correct cholesterol levels. Cholesterol comes in different types–although all cholesterol is fat produced by your liver. It is necessary for life. When it gets out of balance you can suffer–life-threatening consequences.

Step 1) Know what your correct cholesterol levels should be and that there are different types of cholesterols — LDL & HDL

Start testing your cholesterol — if you have no risk factors–men at aged 40, for women–aged 50.

If you do have any risk factors, ask your doctor what your correct cholesterol levels should be and when you should start to have them tested. Testing you cholesterol will help you to understand the steps needed to maintain correct cholesterol levels.

Step 2) Understand the the difference between foods that have cholesterol — (like eggs, meat and milk products) and many times can be eaten with little or no increase in your cholesterol levels.

And foods that raise cholesterol — (like hydrogenated vegetable, Palm and Coconut oils). These types of fats are found in fast food & prepackaged snack foods. Know as saturated fats–they RAISE Low-density lipoproteins (LDL)

LDL –stands for Low-density Lipoproteins & HDL for High-density Lipoproteins. Both are necessary for life. LDL delivers cholesterol to your blood and HDL removes it. Too much LDL or ‘Bad’ cholesterol or too little HDL or ‘Good’ cholesterol–or a combination of both can lead to serious health issues like: Heart Attack and Stroke.

Step 3) What you can do to lower your own cholesterol levels:

If you smoke — quit! — not only will that help to balance your cholesterol, but reduce your blood pressure as well.

Eat more foods with omega-3 fatty acids –like fish, poultry (without the skin), lean meats, vegetables, fruit, and low-fat milk products. If you really want to make sure–add omega 3–fish oil capsules to your daily routine.

Get some exercise, you don’t have to join a gym or buy an expensive work-out machine –that you will most likely never use. Just go for a walk!

Start with a 30 minute walk every morning and increase it to 60 minutes as soon as you are able. Walking is a great exercise! Do that every day — it works!!!

If all you do is change by: adding a walk a salad every lunch avoiding snack foods. In a matter of weeks you should see correct cholesterol levels in your testing. If there is no improvement. (Remember you body produces most of your cholesterol). You will need to add something else. That will leave you with a HUGE choice: Either Drugs or supplements. Drugs will lower cholesterol, but you may experience some truly devastating side effects.

Supplements work and in many cases even better than the drugs, but take longer to achieve correct cholesterol levels.

Do a little research and you will soon understand the value of supplements when it comes to balancing cholesterol.

But there need’s to be a commitment on your part to improve your health. Apply these steps, add a ‘cholesterol busting’ supplement to your diet and watch how correct cholesterol levels become the norm for you.