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Personal Breathalyzer – Keeping Yourself Safe

Some friends and I went out to eat a local restaurant, and we all had few drinks with dinner. As we left the restaurant, I remembered I had a personal breathalyzer in my glove compartment that I had recently purchased. I ran a check on myself using my personal alcohol detector and realized I was at a 0.10% blood alcohol content (BAC). Not wanting to take any chances, I called for a cab, and on the ride home we passed through a DUI checkpoint in the same route I would have driven home. My heart skipped a beat and my stomach dropped as I realized that little personal breathalyzer saved me from months of embarrassment, irritation, and a considerable amount of money.

Like any substance, alcohol reacts differently in the body for every person. This is why some people are considered “light-weights” while others seem to be able to drink the whole bar and come back for more. Using a personal breathalyzer, you can test yourself and others to see for yourself how BAC may vary according to each individual. Believe it or not, personal breathalyzers make great party gifts too, especially during the holiday season. You can always liven up a party by passing around the alcohol detector, and being the host this is a great way to know if your guests are okay to drive.

The key to using a personal alcohol detector effectively is that you must wait at least twenty minutes after your last drink to get an accurate reading. If you don’t abide by this simple rule, you will experience very inconsistent results both underestimating and overstating your present BAC. So if you’ve just finished a drink and almost immediately collect a breathalyzer sample which reads your BAC is below the legal limit, I can guarantee this is definitely not a true representation of your present BAC. Too soon after drinking and the alcohol particles may not be present in your lungs causing you to give a lower than true percentage. Another possibility is that there may be alcohol still present on your tongue which sends the reading into the stratosphere when you’ve only had one drink. Moral of the story, wait twenty minutes then collect a breathalyzer sample, that way you wont be putting yourself and others in serious jeopardy.

Look for a personal breathalyzer that gives quick and accurate test results with simple one-button operation. Each breathalyzer has very simple to follow instructions, but why have a device that is overly complicated? Chances are you will be intoxicated when you need to use it anyway, so there is no need to defeat the purpose of having a personal breathalyzer in the first place. Every breathalyzer goes through a startup procedure when you first activate the device, some quite quickly within a few seconds while other take up to few minutes. There are various models on the market, so go with one that doesn’t take forever to run through the start up process. Compact design is another characteristic to look for when shopping for a personal alcohol detector. Some devices are quite small and double as a key chain. The reliability of many of these types of devices is a bit questionable however. For the same price, you can find a compact design fit for a purse or back pocket that is very accurate, reliable, and of sturdy construction.

I once had a friend who managed to get arrested three times for driving under the influence (DUI), and he is going through a costly process to get his license back. Needless to say, he has a bit of a problem, and his family is a little more than inconvenienced because they now have to drive him back and forth to work in addition to any other errands he may have to run. In order to get his driving privileges reinstated, he must remain alcohol free for an entire year. Since he does have a drinking problem, his wife uses a personal breathalyzer to keep him honest in case he is called in for a random alcohol screening.

Be responsible in the first place and don’t drink and drive. If you are going to drink but you think you are sober enough to drive, it is good to have a personal alcohol detector on hand to keep yourself in check.