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How to Choose a Blood Glucose Meter

healthcare monitorsChoosing a blood glucose meter can be little tricky and since you are going to use it daily please choose the correct one for your convenience.

Size: Try to choose a comfortable meter, most of them are approximately the size of your palm and all are battery powered.Try to select a good case for it so that it can hold additional batteries and your
test strips along with it because you never know when you will run out of them.

Ease of Use: Some have the advantage of saving the data in it also. Try to choose a good one that is convenient to use and some glucose meters can also download the data directly to your computer and have a custom built software that can draw charts out of it so that you can track your daily progress. One advantage of them is you can directly mail the generated report to your doctor directly.

Insurance: Try to call up your insurance to see if they are paying for the meter that you choose, since many of the insurance companies pay one for certain kind of meters and brands.

Test strips: In many cases you get the glucose meter for free but you need to buy the test strips to check you blood sugar. These test strips can be little costly since you might need to use 6-7 strips daily.

Track Diet and Exercise: You can also track diet and exercise since you can also log that data and see if the blood sugar varies quite significantly for a particular type of foods.