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How A Cholesterol Monitor Can Keep You On The Road To Health

If you have been diagnosed with having unhealthy cholesterol levels then one of the best ways to counter your condition is a change in lifestyle. However, giving your existing lifestyle a total makeover isn’t the easiest thing to do and you will need different forms of motivation along with determination and discipline to keep you on the track to recovery. One great way to keep yourself motivated is to check your progress as you go along.

Seeing positive changes in your body’s cholesterol levels as a result of your efforts can really boost your confidence in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Also, by checking your cholesterol levels on a regular basis, you can easily ascertain what’s working for you and what’s not. A cholesterol monitor can help you measure your cholesterol levels all by yourself, without even having to leave the comfort of your home. A cholesterol tester is especially useful for those who have high cholesterol levels and need to know where they stand on a frequent basis.

You can easily find a home cholesterol test kit at your local drug store. Many cholesterol test monitors are miniature computers which can provide you with different kinds of information related to an individual’s habits and lifestyle. For instance, they may be able to evaluate current readings in correlation to other risk factors such as smoking. Cholesterol testers that come with an FDA approval offer great ease of use and at least 97% accuracy.

In many ways, these monitors can be lifesavers, especially when the levels get too high. This is because coronary heart disease is an extremely common affliction in people with borderline and high levels of bad cholesterol. Ideal cholesterol levels in the body should be around 200mg/dl of LDL or less and a bare minimum of 40mg/dl of HDL or more.

As I mentioned earlier, FDA approved kits on the market are at least 97% accurate. However, this doesn’t mean that you can blindly base decisions regarding your health on cholesterol kit readings. This is because, although, most devices are competent, there maybe errors in the results shown due the monitor not being used correctly. For example, the home cholesterol kit is perfectly capable of producing highly accurate readings, but human error in the way that it is applied is why the results shown are not always reliable.

Taking this into account, don’t panic if you get alarming results from your cholesterol tester when you use it yourself, chiefly since it can be dangerous to prescribe treatment for high cholesterol levels when your levels are in the normal range. In such situations it’s advisable to take a look at a proper lab test rather than a home cholesterol test. Having said this, home testers can be a savior if administered by your physician or by correctly following the instructions given on the pack.

So, to conclude, a cholesterol monitor is very handy device to track the improvements made by a patient, but should never be substituted for proper lab test results, especially in the case of individuals with borderline or high cholesterol levels.