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EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale

The sleek, attractive design of the EatSmart digital bathroom scale w/extra large backlit 3.5? display and oversize platform is not the only thing going for it. This scale has been receiving rave reviews for its accurate and consistent weight readings.

Many customers claim through testing (by holding barbells and such), that this scale consistently produces accurate results when changing weights. In addition, this model displays weights to the nearest tenth of a pound, in 0.2 intervals. Small victories, even 0.2 of a pound can mean all the difference in the world for those of us trying to lose weight, providing another reason why this scale is ideal for dieters.

Not only is this scale consistent and dependable, it also provides an easy-to-read illuminated blue display. Often times with bath scales, people will complain of having to bend over or strain their eyes to actually read their weight. This is not an issue for this model of EatSmart scale. The weight shows up very large and readable, and won’t have you standing in a dark bathroom trying to guess the results.

Perhaps the biggest gripe among customers who bought this particular scale is the method by which you turn on the scale. To wake the scale out of sleep mode, you simply tap firmly on the center of the glass with your heel or the ball of your foot. This particular feature may not make this scale the best option for senior citizens.

On top of all these great features, this scale is backed by the excellent customer service of EatSmart. For a moderately priced scale without all of the fancy knick-knacks of many of the higher priced scales, you can not find a better model scale. I encourage you to give this model of EatSmart scale a try, and I am sure you (and your health) will be glad you did.