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Different Types of Heart Rate Monitors

healthcare monitorsWith the increasing stress by media and society on the importance of fitness and health in life, more and more people are educating themselves on the various merits of keeping fit. People want to get fit and stay fit, and for this they are willing to explore tools and trainers who will help them achieve their goals. One of the new devices is becoming extremely popular and is also an indispensable part of any well planned and customized fitness plan. We here are referring to the heart rate monitor.

A heart rate monitor is an electronic device which can be strapped on or attached by any other means, and the main function of which is to help the user keep a track on their heart beat rate in terms of heart beats per minute, more commonly referred to as BPM.

Many prestigious and popular companies dealing in health and fitness equipment have come out with different types and models of heart rate monitors, and there is plenty of variety available out there from which one can select an appropriate model and brand according to one’s needs, preferences and budget.

There are also different types of monitors available in terms of design and terms of usage, and all this is apart from the branding and such.

For example, there are heart rate monitors which you can wear on your wrist as watches. These not only look amazing, but they also offer many additional features like time checks, alarms and digital dials, depending upon which model you buy. Then there are the basic ones, which just show the beats per minute and nothing else. Some heart rate monitors come attached with pedometers, for those of us who like to run or jog or walk as our preferred mode of working out.

Some high end models of heart rate monitors, like the more expensive models from Polar, will also offer additional features such as setting different training zones according to the level of activity and goals of the work out session. Basic alternatives like the X – Train V 3 20 offer more features than the high end brands, but they are also cheaper and easier on the pocket.

The top of the line heart rate monitors enable you to download your heart beat rate, age, sex and other relevant biological and physiological data on to a computer which uses a program to develop a detailed fitness plan, customized goals, ideal statistics etc.