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Common Reasons Why Pedometers Make Errors

healthcare monitorsHaving problems with your pedometer? Well, you are not alone. Before you go back to your store and demand a refund, check this out first. Here are the most common reasons for those malfunctions.

1. Your pedometer is worn in the wrong position. The common pedometers, especially the cheaper ones use a mechanism that is prone to malfunction if used in the incorrect position. Our suggestion: experiment on where to place your pedometer as you walk and find the position that gives you the most satisfying result. Another suggestion: replace your device with a pocket pedometer. This one uses the accelerometer mechanism that is not affected by tilting.

2. You unknowingly hit the reset button. Some pedometer models have reset buttons that are so exposed that you usually hit them accidentally.

3. You failed to hit a button. Such button could be the power on switch or the one that instructs your pedometer to start counting again.

4. You dropped your pedometer to the floor. Some errors are seen instantly after a drop, but others are not. You cannot expect the pedometer to work just as fine after you drop it. Once it hits the floor or anything else check out for physical deformation or functional errors at once.

5. You forgot to change batteries. Depending on the quality, a pedometer’s battery may have enough juice for six months and up to one year. Simply putting on new batteries will solve your pedometer’s errors.

6. You taught your pedometer is waterproof. You could have walked in the rain or your child may have splashed a glass of water on and you forgot that you have your pedometer still clipped to your pants. If this happens, don’t try to turn your pedometer on at once. Remove the battery first and use a hair dryer to let it dry. Changing batteries may also fix the problem.

7. You used your pedometer without setting the correct stride length and weight. The accuracy of the measurement of distance as well as calories burned depends only on the correct setting of the stride length as well as the weight. You should take your time reading your manual so you can feed your pedometer with the right data so it can accurately measure your progress.