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Cholesterol Test Kit

Coronary heart condition is fast developing into a menace of enormous proportion. It sneaks into the arteries and builds up silently predating on our hearts and suddenly one fine day when everything is going just fine, when the kids are happy, when the parents are please, when the day went so well, it strikes like a thunderbolt wiping happiness off smiling faces and lining eyes with tears. And we hear them saying that they never felt things had gone so terribly wrong inside.

There are only two effective checks against it. One, a healthy, heart-friendly diet coupled with regular exercise in some form and regular checks-up. While a healthy lifestyle ensures that chances of cholesterol build-up are reduced, a regular check-up updates one’s cholesterol status. So, in case the cholesterol is actually building up an early detection would lead to a timely medical check up, which, in turn, would prevent the situation from getting out of hand.

Busy schedules and hectic lifestyles have made it nearly impossible for one to take time out for a regular medical check up, especially when the things seem fine. Considering these factors, many cholesterol test kits are introduced in the market, which let one check one’s cholesterol level at home.

There are mainly two kinds of cholesterol tests. While one of them looks for the cholesterol indiscriminately, the second one not only indicates the total amount of cholesterol but also the HDL, which is good cholesterol. Therefore, the second kind tells exactly as to how serious the dangers involved in not going to the doctor are. Finding how much cholesterol one has may not be enough for all cholesterol is not bad. And good cholesterol is pretty much needed by the body.

Therefore, once you have the test results, all you have to do is divide the total cholesterol figures by the HDL figures. Compare the ratio thus obtained with the figures provided in the table that is supplied with the product. It must be kept in mind that there is a variation between the results for the males and those for the females. It’s an easy test and can be performed anywhere and at any time. There is a finger pricker provided which can be used to draw the few drops of blood to conduct the test. It’s a simple test which can save lives and the happiness of one’s loved ones. Such a small price for so many smiles. Isn’t this the best deal one could hope for?