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Bathroom Weight Scales – Which One

These days, you can find bathroom weight scales that come with lots of features and fanciful designs. The good news is that consumers have a lot of choices. On the flip side, we may have to deal with the confusion that comes from having too many choices.

Rest assured, despite the advancements in technology and fanciful offerings, the most basic types of bathroom weight scales are still on sale for consumers who appreciate them. And for anyone who see value in the additional features, he or she has more choices than ever.

Let’s go over the two main types of scales (analog and digital weight scales) and break the choices we have down.

1. Analog Bathroom Scales – Also known as mechanical scales, these analog bath scales have a long heritage. They are very user-friendly. Powered by an internal spring mechanism, you don’t need to put batteries in them to make them work. Once you unwrap the scale form its packaging, put in on a flat hard surface and its ready to do the job. You read the weight off a dial scale. Most of us have experience with these scales and can expect a smooth experience with it.

The main disadvantage of analog bath scales may be their need for manual calibration sometimes. Every now and then, you may notice the needle does not fall exactly at the zero mark on the dial scale. That means you need to manually turn a knob or wheel to set it back to zero.

2. Digital Weight Scales – With the advent of the digital age, most bathroom scales sold these days are digital weight scales. These have LCD screens that will show the weight of a person. If you’ve ever experienced difficulty in reading your weight off the needle on a dial scale with an analog scale, you will not have to deal with that with a digital scale. Some even have large sized numbers and back-lighting on the LCD screen to an easier reading.

Digital weight scales offer a lot of additional options such as ones that are solar powered, have memory features, or will measure body fat percentages.

The main disadvantage of a digital bath scale is that along with all the additional features it has, it brings up confusion for the user.

So, which of these two types of bathroom weight scales do you prefer? Take a second to gather your thoughts. With the plethora of choices out there from the simplest to the most sophisticated, it’s not difficult to find one that is just what you want.