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About Glucose Monitors

healthcare monitorsA blood glucose monitoring system such as the Ascensia Breeze is used to help test how much glucose (glycemia) there is in a person’s blood. These systems are extremely important for those people who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes as they should actually be testing theirs every day. Normally it is best if they carry out these tests before breakfast.

The whole idea of these monitors is to help assess just how effective the diet and exercise regime that they are using is for controlling their levels of blood glucose. Plus it can also help to assess just how effective the dose of insulin they are taking in order to treat and control their condition is working.

However for those people who have either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes and are using insulin will also need to be able to test their blood sugar more often. They should be testing their blood sugar between 3 and 10 times each day. Again this will help to assess just how effective the last dose of insulin they took was and how much they will need to take for their next dosage.

In recent years the technology for measuring a person’s blood glucose levels has been improving very rapidly and has helped to change the standards of care provided for all people suffering from diabetes.

All the blood glucose monitors which are now available on the market are electronic devices and it only requires a person to provide a small sample of their blood for the analysis to take place.

It is through the invention of these home testing systems that many diabetics are now more willing to comply with their testing regimes. However the cost of the testing strips can be quite prohibitive to some people unless they happen to have medical insurance. This is where the Ascensia Breeze differs from many other models as instead of a person having to use one strip at the time in order to test their blood glucose levels with this model you use a disc that contains 10 test strips within it. However although the costs may seem high to some people the fact is that by being aware of their blood glucose levels a person with diabetes is less likely to be have some of the complications associated with this disease and which could cost you even more when it comes to medical treatment.